The Benji and Nick Show – All Good Things…


It is with huge regret that we’re announcing the end of The Benji and Nick Show podcast. Over the last few years, Benji Clifford, Nicholas Briggs and more recently, Shelley Dean, have delved into the worlds of vintage television – raved about what they love, moaned about what they hate and generally just messed around and had a great time.

But for Benji and Nick their increased workload has been getting a bit out of control and now they need to make time for other projects.

The podcast’s Patreon account will close at the end of this month ensuring that all loyal Patrons will get their full benefits until the end of July. The podcast will then continue throughout August and end with a final edition released on Sunday 5th September.

“It’s been a fantastic journey exploring classic telly from all over the world, often thanks to our hugely supportive listenership who have been with us every step of the way. A huge thank you to everyone who has been a part of our podcast. I shall cherish all the TV gems we’ve discovered but still maintain that The Owl Service is absolutely bonkers…” Benji

“I’d to thank all our loyal listeners,” says Nick. “Particularly those who’ve written in with so many interesting, supportive and hilarious comments. Huge thanks to all those of you who supported us on Patreon too. And another big thank you must go to Colin Smith (aka the Mysterious C) who became our cover artist out of his own generosity and enthusiasm.”

“It has been an absolute delight for me to have been a part of The Benji and Nick Show for the past year. I have been exposed to TV shows that would never have crossed my path if not for Benji and Nick convincing me to watch them! I will never get over the terribleness of The Adventure Game and the amazingness of Nigel Kneale’s Beasts. I shall miss our weekly gab sessions and being the representative American. Extra special thanks to our loyal Patreon subscribers – I have enjoyed getting to know you.” Shelley

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