The Benji and Nick Show

As of September 2021, The Benji and Nick Show has stopped making new weekly podcasts but all content is still available (on Soundcloud through this website or direct) – as is the merchandise (for now!). And there might just be a few The Benji and Nick Show specials…

The Benji and Nick Show is a weekly entertainment podcast that celebrates and chats about vintage television. Topics range from the famous to the obscure, from shows such as Star Trek, Doctor Who, Space: 1999 and The Avengers to Dangerous Knowledge, Lizzie Dripping, Follow Me and Eldorado. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg – the show has been running for over two years already!

Every Sunday, Benji Clifford (composer, singer, sound designer, 1970s style guru and international tangent) and Nicholas Briggs (actor, director, writer, Dalek voice and amateur beard grower) pick a TV show (or even a movie) to discuss. Sometimes they provide a commentary that listeners can sync themselves up to.  And sometimes they simply have a catch-up chat about what they’ve been watching recently.

They also read out your emails sent to and recently have been joined from across the pond by special US guest star reviewer Shelley Dean (artist, face/shoe-painter and the best convention minder known to human kind). Jamie (son-of-Gerry) Anderson often pops in too for some banter or to provide expert background material on his father’s TV career. He is never less than fascinating-slash-sarcastic…

Vintage magazine-style cover artwork is provided by the ever-talented The Mysterious C (aka Colin Smith, undercover man of mystery).

Every show begins with the baffling-but-compelling, annoying-yet-disarming Loch Ness Game — which is neither a game nor is it about Loch Ness. It all starts innocently enough with ‘Good Morning’ and then things just get weird…


Merchandise is available from this website which is a UK website.

The Benji and Nick Show merchandise is produced and shipped via a UK company – and the same merchandise is also produced by a US company. US-based customers (only) should order from The Benji and Nick Show US as this offers local shipping rates (included in the total price).