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BOOKS, CDs (including the award winning Doctor Who – Dark Eyes: The Great War – BBC Audio Drama 2014 award for Best Online or Non-Broadcast Drama; and The Martian Invasion of Earth2019 Audie Awards for Best Audio Drama), DVDs, PHOTOS and limited edition PRINTS are available for purchase from the on-line SHOP  –  all these items can be autographed and dedicated by Nick.

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The Benji and Nick Show – The Thing - Next time on The Benji and Nick Show, the boys will be chatting about The Thing, an American science fiction horror film first broadcast in 1982. Based on the 1938 John W Campbell Jr. novella Who Goes There?, The Thing tells the story of a group of American researchers in Antarctica who encounter a parasitic
The Benji and Nick Show – Press Gang - This week in The Benji and Nick Show, the boys will be talking about Press Gang, a children’s television comedy drama broadcast originally from 1989–1993. Written by Steven Moffat, the programme is based on the activities of a newspaper, the Junior Gazette, produced by pupils from the local comprehensive school. The series has today attracted


The Benji and Nick Show – The Thing - Benji and Nick are chatting about John Carpenter’s The Thing (1982). Expect gross effects and a huge hat! Jamie Anderson joins in. Podcast queries and suggestions should be emailed to podcast@nicholasbriggs.com
The Benji and Nick Show – Press Gang - Benji and Nick chat about Press Gang (ITV 1989) – Steven Moffat’s kids’ TV classic. Jamie Anderson joins and gets all supernatural… Emails sent to podcast@nicholasbriggs.com
The Benji and Nick Show – Stingray - Benji and Nick are chatting with Jamie Anderson about Stingray… and they love it! Emails sent to podcast@nicholasbriggs.com