Nick has composed music for theatre, radio and full-cast audiobooks.

His theatre work has included original scores for Woman in Black, Night Must Fall and Woman in Mind for productions at the Pomegranate Theatre, Chesterfield and the Theatre Royal, Nottingham.

His radio and audio work has been extensive. As well as providing the Seventies pastiche synthesizer score for all three series of Baby Cow’s Radio 4 comedy series Nebulous, Nick has been creating music for the Big Finish BBC-licensed Doctor Who range since it began in 1999. Starting off with the multi-Doctor story The Sirens of Time, his credits include many Doctor Who stories, as well as all four series of the acclaimed Dalek Empire.

Nick also created the scores for the first series of Judge Dredd full-cast audiobooks and his most recent music work for Big Finish has been for the 1960s-style series Counter-Measures, for which he also wrote the theme.