2018 News

The Benji and Nick Show – The Dalek Movies 18th March, 2018 - Benji and Nick are discussing the cinematic Dr Who movies from 1965/66 – Doctor Who and the Daleks, and Daleks’ Invasion Earth: 2150AD. They’re sponsored by The Gerry Anderson Store so they end up talking about Space: 1999 too! To suggest a podcast topic, email podcast@nicholasbriggs.com
Doctor Who audiobook and the muppets … 15th March, 2018 - This week from the world of Nick Briggs: “I was recording a very exciting, brand new Doctor Who audiobook for the BBC at Ladbroke Audio with the legendary Neil Gardner… then the muppets invaded…”
The Benji and Nick Show – Catweazle 11th March, 2018 - Benji and Nick are discussing Catweazle, the iconic 1970s children’s show. There’s also your emails sent to podcast@nicholasbriggs.com, a Gerry Anderson competition, and an exclusive Gerry Anderson offer: order a product from The Official Gerry Anderson Store and enter the code ‘DESTROYDESTROYDESTROY’ for free shipping.
The Benji and Nick Show – going crazy in London… 10th March, 2018 - Benji and Nick go bonkers in London, just to let you know about their new, weekly podcast. On iTunes, SoundCloud and at nicholasbriggs.com
The Benji and Nick Show – Death to the Daleks podcast 4th March, 2018 - Benji and Nick (who you may know from the Big Finish Podcast) set out on their podcast odyssey by discussing their favourite Doctor Who story, Death to the Daleks. There are tangents along the way… but of course! The Benji and Nick Show – Death to the Daleks podcast is available here.
Brand New Podcast! 27th February, 2018 - There’s a brand new, regular podcast coming to nicholasbriggs.com! As you may know, Nicholas Briggs and Benji Clifford have been presenting the Big Finish Podcast together for some time. They’ll be continuing to do so, but they’re also going to be making a special The Benji and Nick Show podcast just for this website. Nick
Fifty Years of The Prisoner – A Celebration, 21 Jan 2018 20th January, 2018 - Sunday 21st January 2018 will see the latest exciting event to celebrate ‘The Prisoner’ 50th anniversary. The iconic Elstree Studios, across the road from the former site of MGM where the series was filmed, will play host to an event organised by The Unmutual Website and Quoit Media Limited. The event will include special guests,