News – SKAYNE 4 and 5 – ghost story eBooks (EPUB) – available now

SKAYNE is a series of six short interconnected ghost stories by celebrated author Jonathan Barnes.

4: GH19

1958. British Intelligence agent Anthony Guist has been despatched to a guesthouse in the small seaside town of Chiding-on-the-Sands to meet a Soviet defector. Coolly unflappable until today and a dedicated sceptic, he is about to encounter a very different – and bloodcurdling – visitor.

5: Synch in Progress

It is the summer of 2011 and Detective Inspector Dennis Stoneham is working the night-shift. Celebrations for the Royal Wedding are in full swing but Stoneham wants no part of it. Instead, he’s become fascinated by the story of a young thief in the cells – a woman who swears that she stole something terrible from a stranger on the underground, something which permits communication of an impossible kind…

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