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When my widowed grandmother moved out of her marital home in London, she found a collection of letters that her husband (my grandfather) had received from his older brother during his time in The Great War. Eventually they were given to my Mum who put them into order and transcribed them, and then they were tucked into a cupboard and forgotten about again!

A few years ago they were passed to me to read and we all mused on what a lovely story they made, thinking nothing more of it until my husband, Nicholas Briggs, inspired me to actually do something with them.

THIRD TIME UNLUCKY – The World War One Story of Reginald Salmon is a heart-warming story of two brothers – whose very ordinariness make it extraordinary. Both of them died far too young.

THIRD TIME UNLUCKY – The World War One Story of Reginald Salmon (eBook PDF)

by Stephanie Hornett

From letters sent back home and a diary recovered from the battlefield at Arras, this is the true story of Reginald (Reg) Salmon, who joined the army as a Royal Engineers ‘Sapper’ in 1915, and his younger brother, Harold (Shrimp) Salmon, who was classified as unfit for military service overseas on medical grounds.

Reg was on active service in three battles of the Great War: the Battle of Loos in 1915, where he was gassed by his own side; the Battle of the Somme in 1916; and the Battle of Arras in 1917, where he was wounded by enemy gunfire.

ISBN 978-1-78421-005-2
eBook Acrobat 8/9 PDF 1.7 / 74.9 MB
Published by Red Raygun Ltd, 2014

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