News – Big Finish’s Frankenstein, with Nick as the Creature, gets rave review from Starburst Magazine

Given the manner in which the original was written, Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein ought to be ideal for adaptation into the audio medium. And so it proves here, in Big Finish’s wonderful new version…

The show-stopping performance … is Nicholas Briggs’, whose voice is perhaps too mellifluous for the character of Waldman in the first act, but whose choice of inflection and vocal impediment is judged to perfection when he becomes the creature in the second. As the voice of many a Doctor Who monster, Briggs was the obvious and only option to play the creature, but it’s a decision that might easily have gone wrong: a different choice of vocal mannerism might have brought inadvertent comedy or melodrama to proceedings; instead a perfect balance between revulsion and pathos is formed…

It’s a brilliant and probably in its own terms an undervalued story, and this is a fascinating, absorbing reading of it. Highly recommended.

Read the full review in Starburst Magazine.

Frankenstein will be released by Big Finish Productions in October 2014.


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