Brand New Podcast!

There’s a brand new, regular podcast coming to!

As you may know, Nicholas Briggs and Benji Clifford have been presenting the Big Finish Podcast together for some time. They’ll be continuing to do so, but they’re also going to be making a special The Benji and Nick Show podcast just for this website.

Nick says: “We’ve got ourselves a bit of a reputation for tangents, so we thought it was time that we did a podcast that was almost entirely tangents. Each week we’ll have a specific subject to chat about – it’ll always be something close to our hearts. There’ll be no script, no preparation, just off-the-cuff chat… with the possible help of Google.”

The first podcast, due out very soon, is all about the 1974 Doctor Who story Death to the Daleks, which starred Jon Pertwee as the Doctor and Elisabeth Sladen as Sarah. Listeners of the Big Finish Podcast will know that this is a firm favourite for Benji and Nick. It has given birth to their podcast catchphrases, ‘Stop don’t move!’ and ‘That way leads to death!’.

“Even though we guarantee we’ll be talking about Death to the Daleks,” continues Nick, “I can’t honestly guarantee that we won’t stray into a few other subjects.”

Listeners can expect in-depth discussion, nostalgic recollections and a little bit of historical information on the side… (that’s where Google might come in handy).

And as for Benji’s reaction to having his name first in the podcast title? “It’s an honour to be honoured!” he says. “I love a good bit of podcastery! A good excuse to touch on some of the extra non-Big Finish stuff that we obsess over! Count me in! Set phasers to stun!”

And Nick’s reaction? “It’s just in alphabetical order!”

Subjects for discussion in upcoming podcasts will be Catweazle, Field Marshal Montgomery, Spitfires and… “Can we PLEASE talk about the Aaru Dalek films?!” asks Benji. “Of course,” says Nick.

If you want to ask Benji and Nick anything or maybe suggest a topic for discussion, you can email – please write ‘Podcast’ into the subject line.

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