News – The Prisoner audio drama released today, 06 01…

Big Finish Productions proudly presents a bold new envisioning of television classic The Prisoner – Volume 1 is available today! A new imagining of The Prisoner keeping true to the original concept but bringing it up to date, even futuristic. Wonderful and compulsive listening.’ Six of One (The Official Prisoner Appreciation Society) An enjoyable, quirky, fun,

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News – Sylvester McCoy in All Consuming Fire

Sylvester and Nick having a bit of fun during the recording of Doctor Who/Holmes cross-over, All Consuming Fire, recreating the cover of Andy Lane’s original book. ‘Scott Handcock, again, directs a complex, huge scale story with a light touch that gives his excellent cast room to breathe and, again, it pays off massively.’ Sci-Fi Bulletin

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