Jekyll and Hyde (download EPUB)


Jekyll and Hyde (download EPUB)


Adapted for the stage by Nicholas Briggs

From the classic story Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde by Robert Louis Stevenson

First presented at the Theatre Royal Nottingham in The Colin McIntyre Classic Thriller Season, August 2015

This is a fun, fast paced show, and certainly worth seeing for a relaxed evening out. Victoria Villasenor, Leftlion

…on first night it held its thriller season audience from start to finish. Alan Geary, Nottingham Post

With strong players and great banter between upstanding lawyer and down-to-earth detectives, and Jekyll and his cohorts, this felt like a fresh interpretation of a timeless classic. Natalie Aldred, Henley Standard

 …a satisfying and disturbing interpretation of Stevenson’s novella …a rewarding and successful production. David Stockton, Basingstoke


Dr. Henry Jekyll believes that there are two distinct sides to men – one good, one evil. Intent on separating the two, he succeeds in his experiments. However, in doing so he unleashes ‘Hyde’, a monstrous and uncontrollable alter ego.

Red Raygun Ltd / ISBN 978-1-78421-015-1 / ePlay EPUB


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