SKAYNE 2. The Tempelstone Gate (download EPUB)


SKAYNE 2. The Tempelstone Gate (download EPUB)


… insidiously creepy tale. Another taut vignette. SciFi Bulletin.

New from celebrated author Jonathan Barnes (The Somnambulist, The Domino Men) are six interconnected tales of spine-chilling terror to disquiet and entertain.


A series of six short ghost stories

by Jonathan Barnes

2: The Tempelstone Gate

It is December, 1917. As war drags on in Europe, damaged ex-soldier Robert Black is summoned to his old school in the city of Tempelstone by a former master, Charles Falconer.

Believing himself to have seen the very worst of the world on the battlefield of Ypres, Black is unprepared for the horror that Falconer has uncovered – a terrifying secret which lurks in the shadows of an old stone chapel…

Red Raygun Ltd / ISBN 978-1-78421-004-5 / eBook / EPUB

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