The Martian Invasion of Earth


The Martian Invasion of Earth


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WINNER – BEST AUDIO DRAMA, 2019 Audie Awards, Audio Publishers Association

This rendition of the Martians is a primal gut punch straight to the subconscious. Blogtor Who

Pick up The Martian Invasion of Earth for the rock solid performances, the love shown to the original story, and the faith it keeps with that story, shaking the certainties of a civilised world. Massmovement

It’s simply fantastic. A practically perfect adaptation. Tin Dog

Bravo to the writer and director Nicholas Briggs who adapted the novel and has thought carefully how to make this drama relevant to the modern world. This is a fitting update of Wells with a great awareness that this is no simple war story. SFCrowsnest

In this adaptation the true spirit of the original book is ever present and superbly cast. Richard Armitage & Lucy Briggs-Owen as Herbert & Amy respectively bring a real honesty and a lot of heart to them. This story is a classic for a reason & this version is perfectly dramatised & directed by Nicholas Briggs. Indie Mac User

The cast are all compelling in their roles, with Richard Armitage showing the capabilities he has brought to his many audiobooks and documentary narrations. It’s a highly recommended release and a superb conclusion to this exceptional run of HG Wells stories. 5/5 Cultbox

A visceral, engaging, even at times horrific take on the HG Wells’ classic. From Briggs’ adaptation that is at once faithful but also refreshingly new to a solid cast and a cinematic soundscape, it is everything one could ask from an adaptation of The War of the Worlds. Futurism

‘No one would have believed in the last years of the nineteenth century that this world was being watched keenly and closely by intelligences greater than man’s…’

A curiosity falls to Earth on Horsell Common, and a nightmare begins. England is laid waste by huge fighting machines, armed with devastating heat rays. Humanity brings its own weapons to bear upon the invaders, but can they be any match?

Trapped in a war of two worlds, one couple battles to survive. Herbert and Amy bear witness to… The Martian Invasion of Earth.

Written by HG Wells, dramatised by Nicholas Briggs.
Directed by Nicholas Briggs.


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