Sherlock Holmes – Holmes and the Ripper


Sherlock Holmes – Holmes and the Ripper


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The grisly serial killings of prostitutes and vulnerable women in Victorian Whitechapel, dubbed by the popular press as the work of ‘Jack the Ripper’ are the talk of London, and from deep within the smog-ridden slums, yet another piercing shriek is heard.

Sherlock Holmes and Dr John H. Watson are drawn into one of the darkest plots ever to shake the foundations of England. There are freemasons, conspiracies and plots at the highest level of the establishment.
But for Holmes, there is a uniquely personal element to this new and terrifying case …

This full-cast audio drama is brought to life with eerily engrossing sound design and a brand new, cinematic music score.

‘Holmes and the Ripper is deliriously exciting entertainment I’m delighted to know that Big Finish plans to record more Sherlock Holmes plays.’
Roger Johnson, editor of The Sherlock Holmes Journal.

‘Briggs, who had played Holmes on stage with style and authority, takes the lead in the rest of the Big Finish productions, with Richard Earl as his stalwart Watson.’ The Sherlock Holmes Miscellany by Roger Johnson and Jean Upton.

Written by Brian Clemens.
Directed by Nicholas Briggs.

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