News – Nick to play Peter Hawkins in An Adventure in Space and Time

Nick will be playing the role of Peter Hawkins (the original voice of the Daleks in 1963) in An Adventure in Space and Time, a one-off drama that follows the people who brought the first episode of Doctor Who, An Unearthly Child, to our TV screens in 1963.

Hawkins is credited with actor David Graham for creating the Daleks’ instantly-recognisable croaky voices, as well as voicing several other characters in the early Doctor Who series, including Daleks and Cybermen.

“All of us who’ve provided Dalek voices over the last 40 years owe Peter a massive debt. None of us have been as good as Peter, but he supplied our inspiration. He was truly the Emperor of the Daleks.”

An Adventure in Space and Time is on this evening at 9pm on BBC 2.



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